Making America Half-hearted

Following Trump’s example, we have seen Kathy Griffin and now Johnny Depp both make an outrageous comment or act in public then apologize. The apologies strike me as heart-felt as Trump’s apologies for comments he made during the election. It’s an entirely sad state of our society that is characterized by public figures who behave as impulsively as a teenager. They seem to have no idea of the consequences, or they simply don’t care about the consequences. Opprobrium be damned, it got a good chuckle and some attention, so why fret public backlash that’ll last maybe a week and a half tops?

I warned of this sort of thing before Trump’s election. I told people, especially one friend who was very supportive of him during his election and I believe still is, that he would delegitimize his office, making it something less than a position of reposed leadership. To be sure, I mainly thought his formal actions as a president couldn’t be trusted, that he’d let pride cause something regarding policy to go wrong. So far, there hasn’t been much of that, because he’s not running his own presidency. Anyone who thinks the same man to joke about his daughter’s appearence and gloss over sexually derogatory comments he then claims are common to locker rooms is also figuring out how to tackle child trafficking and negotiate foreign policy must believe one of the two is his real self, for he cannot be both. His temperament and pettiness during the campaign wasn’t washed away with his inauguration. If anything, his public speaking has drastically changed in tone because of those around him getting him to dial it down a notch. Yet the same ignorance can be heard when he speaks.

Trump’s deficiency in moral fiber will be something we have to live with for a while. I hope the rest of his presidency contains less focus on his or other easy points to attack with debased humor. I hope he also grows up once and for all.


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