My First B/W Photos

Got back my first roll of B/W photos and I’m charmed by the simplicity of them. I don’t mean that in any self-congratulatory or prideful way. I’m just seeing that photography as a hobby — and maybe all hobbies are this way — lends beauty to the creator as much as their audience. What was it Doseone once said, “speaker and listener are two of a kind,” making the artist and their audience the same witness to the art. Not that I’m an artist with a camera.

These are shot around LA. I tried to get a lot in Downtown LA after going whiskey tasting with a friend at Seven Grand. So yes I am a bit tipsy for some of the night shots.


Comments and (anything but de-constructive) criticism  welcome. I’m wondering what some of the white streaks are in some of these. I’m guessing that means the aperture was too low and there ended up being too much light in the shot.


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