Immigration is Gentrification

Said I once upon a time, much to the chagrin of some and the perplexity of others. I’d still like to elaborate on that some time, but for now, I’ll offer these, in the hopes of perpetuating the mystery:

“Comin’ up is just in me
But the Black community is full of envy
Too much back-stabbin’
While I look out the window I see all the Japs grabbin’
Every vacant lot in my neighborhood
Build a store, and sell their goods”

There’s a clear enough example of what I mean. Closer to the reality, those lines by Ice Cube suggest that people from outside of a community enter it and “build” it in a way that may conflict with the interests and progress of those in the community. Things like that end up creating racial tensions within a community as well.

The following is less an outright declaration of a community being infiltrated by outsiders, but is more an expression of love for one’s imperfect home that you’d find in a folk song about the country side. Perhaps it’s because Scarface is from Texas.

“On my block–it’s like the world don’t exist
We stay confined to this small little section we living in
Oh my block, I wouldn’t trade it for the world
Cause I love these ghetto boys and girls
Born and raised on my block”


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