Education as a Success

I believe I now see what I was trying to articulate before when I said that perhaps we should consider that Education in modern America is in fact a success according to it’s goals. All I hear is the ceaseless theoretical clamoring about how we can prepare students for the world they’ll enter after high school or college. The reality is that we are preparing them for that world:

  • we don’t teach them how to concentrate and focus their intellectual capacities, therefore they’ll  be happy to make proper use of every new gadgetry and technology the present and future has to offer;
  • we don’t teach them how to take responsibility for their own actions, therefore they’ll gladly blame anyone else, society, or the world itself for their own mistakes, failures, and shortcomings;
  • we don’t teach them to respect their elders, so they’ll some day forget them;
  • we don’t teach them to be patient with themselves and accept their own flaws, which will make short work for every corporation looking to sell their product with a smile;
  • we in fact don’t even teach them the value of any emotion besides happiness, so they’ll spend the rest of their lives succoring the free-market because it promises them new beginnings, happiness, freedom, and general excitement;
  • we don’t teach them to think critically about the right things while leaving some things to hope and faith, so they’ll never properly balance hope against witness of human error;
  • we don’t teach them to manage their emotions, so someone else will;
  • we haven’t taught them to do anything for the joy of it, so they will yearn for pleasure every day of their lives.

But instead we are teaching them how to think very highly of themselves. how to protest and disturb frivolously, to question everything but themselves, more and more science and math. We’ll be succeeded by people with no virtue, people who have been made to do nothing except work — because, in the end, the very people making all this shit up about what students need to learn in school have come to value nothing more than that.

There are some alternative education programs and schools, but their eccentricity informs a point I don’t even have to make. They’re merely jerks and spurts in response to the rigidity of normal education. They still have the same values and beliefs as those engineering mainstream education, they just try to emphasize the child less with the hope that he or she will come to accept themselves more. It’s a sort of Peter Pan kind of thing — a love of childhood and human nature that can only be thought up by someone who has come to repress their own until they have forgotten it.


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